Title Publishing Date
"Sour Note? Political Campaigns and Music Rights" Jul 19 2016
"Queen Is Not Happy That Donald Trump Used Their Song at the Republican Convention" Jul 19 2016
"Queen and Sony Say Donald Trump Used Song 'We Are the Champions' Without Permission" Jul 19 2016
"Queen 'Frustrated' by Donald Trump after RNC Song Usage" Jul 19 2016
"Rock Band Queen Frustrated After Trump Campaign 'Ignores' Requests Not to Use Their Music" Jul 19 2016
"Queen Doesn't Want the GOP to Use 'We Are the Champions', but Is the Law on Their Side?" Jul 19 2016
"Donald Trump and RNC Under Pressure from Queen to Stop Using Its 'Champions' Anthem" Jul 19 2016
"Queen Not Happy About Trump's Use of 'We Are The Champions' at Campaign Events" Jul 19 2016
"Queen Angered By Donald Trump's Use of 'We Are the Champions' at RNC 'Against Our Wishes'" Jul 19 2016
"Third Eye Blind Trolled the RNC by Playing Third Eye Blind Songs No One Wants to Hear" Jul 20 2016
"Watch Third Eye Blind Troll Republicans at Cleveland Fundraiser" Jul 20 2016
"Third Eye Blind Infuriates RNC Concertgoers during Rock Hall Show" Jul 20 2016
"This Is What Happens When Stars and Presidential Hopefuls Collide" Jul 20 2016
"Earth, Wind & Fire Slam RNC for 'Unauthorized Use' of 'September'" Jul 20 2016
"Earth, Wind & Fire Slam Donald Trump for Unauthorized Use of "September" at RNC" Jul 20 2016
"Ice Cube: Hillary Clinton Created 'Justification' for Police Brutality" Jul 20 2016
"Listen to Tiffany Trump's Forgotten Pop Song" Jul 20 2016
"Donald Trump Defied Brian May To Use We Are the Champions At Convention" Jul 21 2016
"Third Eye Blind Tortures RNC Concertgoers with LGBT Rights Speech, New Material " Jul 21 2016
"The O'Jays Sound Off Against GOP's 'Unauthorized' Use of their Music at Republican Convention" Jul 21 2016
"Thundercat Searches for Music that will Funk Up Hillary Clinton's Life" Jul 21 2016
"The O'Jays Bash Trump Campaign's Use of 'Love Train': 'Our Music is About Bringing People Together, Not Building Walls'" Jul 21 2016
"Donald Trump Accepts Nomination, Makes Speech, Confesses Love For 'Air Force One' at RNC Day 4" Jul 21 2016
"Pavarotti Widow Tells Trump to Stop Using 'Nessun Dorma' in Campaign" Jul 22 2016
"Luciano Pavarotti’s Family Wants Him Off Donald Trump’s Soundtrack" Jul 22 2016