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"EXCLUSIVE: Grrrumpy Mike Huckabee Blasts 'Eye of the Tiger' Songwriter Who Should Be Thankful the Candidate Made the Song Relevant Again Instead of Suing His Presidential Campaign" Jan 6 2016
"Composer Sets Politics to Music in Scoring Campaign Ads" Jan 6 2016
"Radical Music-Making Program Donald Trump Brings Domestic Affairs and DJ Skills Together" Jan 7 2016
"An Interview with Music Producer and US Senate Candidate Steven Machat" Jan 7 2016
"Municipal Waste Are Now Selling Brutal Anti-Trump T-Shirts" Jan 7 2016
"Hillary Clinton Fundraisers Draw Barbra Streisand, Christina Aguilera" Jan 7 2016
"Berning for You: If Nothing Else, Bernie Sanders Has Won Over Williamsburg" Jan 7 2016
"Rubio Playing Up Assault on Culture Here in NH: 'The Values They're Trying to Ram Down Our Throats in Music, Movies, and MSM.'" Jan 7 2016
"More PBR Than Politics at O'Malley Carl's Stop" Jan 7 2016
"Bernie Sanders Has Killer Mike in His Corner" Jan 8 2016
"Municipal Waste Explain Why They Made a Shirt of Donald Trump Blowing His Brains Out" Jan 8 2016
"The Songs That Donald Trump Rallies Blast to Pump up Supporters" Jan 9 2016
"Meet the Band of Brooklyn 'Anti-Conspiracy Theorists' That Formed a Bernie Sanders PAC" Jan 9 2016
"Bernie Sanders has Found a Valuable Ally in Atlanta Rapper Killer Mike" Jan 11 2016
"Donald Trump Faces Accusations That He's a Nickelback Fan" Jan 11 2016
"Is the Song Donald Trump Just Started Playing at His Rallies a Minor Jab at Ted Cruz?" Jan 11 2016
"Hillary Clinton ‘Dabs’ On ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’" Jan 11 2016
"Bernie Sanders Can't Name One David Bowie Song, And That's Okay" Jan 12 2016
"Donald Trump Trolls Ted Cruz with Bruce Springsteen Classic 'Born in the U.S.A.'" Jan 12 2016
"Country Music Legend Loretta Lynn SLAMS Hillary, Wants This Candidate As President" Jan 12 2016
"Bush Super PAC Mocks Marco Rubio's Boots with Song" Jan 12 2016
"Donald Trump Faces the Music" Jan 13 2016
"Rick Ross on Dissing Donald Trump, Why He Wants to Meet Adele" Jan 13 2016
"Mike Huckabee Tries 'Religious Assembly' Defense in 'Eye of the Tiger' Copyright Suit" Jan 13 2016
"This 'Official Donald Trump Jam' is Both Unbelievably Frightening and Kind Of Catchy" Jan 14 2016