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"Cher, Stumping at Colleges: 'I Fear For Your Safety'" Oct 30 2016
"Cher, Stumping at Colleges: 'I Fear For Your Safety'" Oct 30 2016
"Bruce Springsteen Says Donald Trump Is a 'Mess' and an 'Embarrassment'" Oct 30 2016
"Jamie Lidell Soundtracks New Hillary Clinton Ad" Oct 30 2016
"Katy Perry Dons Prosthetic Makeup to become Hillary Clinton" Oct 29 2016
"Hillary Clinton to Attend Latin Music Concert Featuring J. Lo" Oct 29 2016
"Adam Lambert Endorsing the Candidacy of Hillary Clinton for US President on His Twitter Account" Oct 29 2016
"Dee Snider on Where Trump Crossed the Line, Why He Loves Foo Fighters" Oct 28 2016
"Pusha T Continues His Hillary Clinton Endorsement Run on Colbert" Oct 28 2016
"Hillary Clinton Admits Death Row Records Influenced Her Style" Oct 28 2016
"Amy Schumer Pens Essay Praising Hillary Clinton as her Inspiration for 'Formation' Spoof" Oct 28 2016
"It's Safe to Say Joan Baez Is Not Voting for Donald Trump" Oct 28 2016
"Hip Hop Mogul Pusha-T Explains His Unwavering Support for Hillary Clinton on Colbert" Oct 28 2016
"The Strokes Say Donald Trump Will Produce Band’s Next Album" Oct 27 2016
"Martin Shkreli Will Drop Unreleased Wu-Tang Clan Music If Donald Trump Wins Presidential Election" Oct 27 2016
"Pussy Riot Slam Donald Trump in 'Make America Great Again' Video" Oct 27 2016
"Pussy Riot Imagines President Trump In Horrifying ‘Make America Great Again’ Music Video" Oct 27 2016
"Clinton 'Thrilled' to Receive Adele's Backing for US Presidency" Oct 27 2016
"Pussy Riot Brace for First Days of Trump Presidency in ‘Make America Great Again’ Video — Watch" Oct 27 2016
"Killer Mike Uses Hacked Hillary Clinton Email for Merchandise" Oct 27 2016
"Play This Playlist: Bands That Have Banned Trump" Oct 27 2016
"On a High Note: Musicians and Others Work Hard to Stop Trump" Oct 27 2016
"Hear National's Matt Berninger on His Hillary Clinton 'Crush'" Oct 27 2016
"Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee Attacks Hillary Clinton Over Upcoming Jay Z Concert" Oct 27 2016
"Phil Collins Talks About Being a 'Cheap Slut,' Divorce and Donald Trump While Promoting New Memoir" Oct 27 2016