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"Here's Why Bruce Springsteen's Blue-Collar Heros Have Made Donald Trump their Rock Star" Oct 27 2016
"Women against Donald Trump: Watch Pussy Riot's Music Video 'Straight Outta Vagina'" Oct 26 2016
"George Clinton: Vote Hillary Because Trump Is Not Funky" Oct 26 2016
"Adele Endorses Hillary Clinton During Her Concert & SLAMS Donald Trump Saying 'Don't Vote For Him' — Watch!" Oct 26 2016
"Did Hillary Clinton Plan Her Campaign Swing through Florida to Say Hello to Adele at Birthday-eve Concert? Rumor Has It That Her Donors Picked Up the Bill for the Show" Oct 26 2016
"Adele Urges Concertgoers to Vote for Hillary Clinton as Presidential Candidate Watches from Audience" Oct 26 2016
"Pussy Riot's New Music Video Skewers Trump's America" Oct 26 2016
"Stevie Wonder Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ To Hillary Clinton" Oct 26 2016
"Watch Stevie Wonder Serenade Hillary Clinton With 'Happy Birthday'" Oct 26 2016
"Katy Perry Celebrates Turning 32 by Voting for Fellow Birthday Girl Hillary Clinton" Oct 26 2016
"All Your Fav Feminist Bands Have Released Anti-Trump Songs" Oct 26 2016
"Pusha T Interviews Democratic VP Nominee Tim Kaine" Oct 26 2016
"Jay Z to Rally Voters for Hillary Clinton" Oct 26 2016
"The National to Perform Show in Washington Park" Oct 26 2016
"Prince Royce Serenades Hillary Clinton for Her Birthday: Watch" Oct 25 2016
"Adele Endorses Hillary Clinton at Miami Concert" Oct 25 2016
"Listen to 'Rolling Stone Music Now' Podcast: Artists Against Trump" Oct 25 2016
"The Runaways' Jackie Fuchs on Trump, Swans and Sexism in the Music Industry" Oct 25 2016
"Audiovisuality and the Media Swirl: Campaign 2016" Oct 25 2016
"Run the Jewels Has Returned Exactly When We Need Them" Oct 24 2016
"Cyndi Lauper is Passionate About Everything, Especially Her Hit Musical Kinky Boots: Not So Much Love for Donald Trump" Oct 24 2016
"The Best Moments of When the Music Industry Reacted to Donald Trump" Oct 24 2016
"Jay Z to Headline Voter Mobilization Concert in Ohio in Support of Hillary Clinton" Oct 24 2016
"Jay Z, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez to Hold Concerts for Hillary Clinton" Oct 24 2016
"360 Posts, Swiftly Deletes, Brutal Rap About 'Ugly Bitch' Hillary Clinton" Oct 23 2016