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"Harry Belafonte Talks Donald Trump at Many Rivers to Cross Festival: 'America Has a Cancer at Work'" Oct 3 2016
"Tupac's Comment About Donald Trump in 1992 Are Sadley Relevant Today" Oct 3 2016
"Diddy Might Vote for His Friend Donald Trump" Oct 3 2016
"Watch Alec Baldwin's Debut as Donald Trump on 'Saturday Night Live'" Oct 2 2016
"St. Vincent’s DeJamz: Music of the Election" Oct 2 2016
"Hillary Clinton Keeps Playing This Song at Her Rallies — SNL Just Pointed Out Why That’s A BIG Problem" Oct 2 2016
"Mary J. Blige Didn’t Ask Clinton About Hateration; Nor Did She Just Break Out Singing. And Other Reasons You Need to Watch Their Interview" Oct 1 2016
"Roger Waters Rips Donald Trump at Mexico City Concert" Sep 30 2016
"Store Owner Who Rented Bruce Springsteen His First Guitar Claims Trump Stiffed Him" Sep 29 2016
"Mary J. Blige on Hillary Clinton Singing Interview: 'I'm a Singer Before I'm a Journalist" Sep 29 2016
"Hillary Clinton Hosting Contest to Hang Out with Pusha T" Sep 29 2016
"Watch Green Day Bash Donald Trump During New Jersey Concert" Sep 29 2016
"Roger Waters Slams Donald Trump, Mexican President in Mexico City Concert" Sep 29 2016
"U2's Bono Slams Donald Trump During Politically Charged iHeartRadio Music Festival Set" Sep 24 2016
"Barbra Streisand: 'Don't Fall Prey to Trump's Lies'" Sep 23 2016
"Bruce Springsteen Calls Donald Trump a 'Moron'" Sep 23 2016
"Atlanta Producer Plans Anti-Trump Concert" Sep 23 2016
"50 Cent Prays Donald Trump Does Not Become President" Sep 23 2016
"Bruce Springsteen Calls Donald Trump a 'Moron,' Considers Campaigning for Hillary Clinton" Sep 23 2016
"Jessica Sanches Makes Waves for Clinton Campaign" Sep 22 2016
"Facts Matter" Sep 22 2016
"Donald Trump Upsets Les Misérables Creators after Using Song at Rally" Sep 22 2016
"Kid Rock Loves Hillary Clinton on 'Between Two Ferns'" Sep 22 2016
"Mexican Star's Ode to Hillary Clinton Written in 30 Minutes" Sep 22 2016
"Rapper Sends Music Message: Register and Vote" Sep 22 2016