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"Corrigan Brothers Release Ditty Supporting Martin O’Malley"  Jun 10 2015
"In First Major Rally of Second White House Bid, Hillary Clinton Uses Populist Tone, Vows to Fight Income Inequality" Jun 13 2015
"An Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Official Spotify Playlist"  Jun 13 2015
"Hillary Clinton Releases Spotify Playlist"  Jun 13 2015
"Hillary Clinton Releases Spotify Playlist"  Jun 13 2015
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"Echosmith Perform at Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Campaign Launch - Watch" Jun 14 2015
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"Hillary Clinton Launches Campaign With Help From Spotify, Echosmith"  Jun 14 2015
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"Hillary Clinton Releases Her Spotify Playlist - Legit?"   Jun 15 2015
"Hillary Clinton’s Music Playlist Gives Foes Reasons to Attack"  Jun 15 2015
"Just One of the Cool Kids? Decoding the Hillary Clinton Spotify Playlist" Jun 15 2015
"Donald Trump Rode an Escalator to 2016 Presidential Announcement"  Jun 16 2015
"Donald Trump's Use of Neil Young Song Blasted by Singer's Manager"  Jun 16 2015
"Dumb Fox News Bashes Hillary's Playlist, Is Bad at Music Criticism"  Jun 16 2015
"Fox & Friends Stoops To Attacking Hillary Clinton Over Her 2016 Spotify Playlist"  Jun 16 2015
"Hillary Clinton Releases Spotify Playlist"  Jun 16 2015
"Hillary Clinton’s Spotify Playlist Is Perfect For Your Aunt’s Gym Mix"  Jun 16 2015
"Neil Young Sends A Big F-U To Music Thief Donald Trump By Endorsing Bernie Sanders"  Jun 16 2015
"Stop Rockin': Neil Young Blasts Donald Trump for Using Classic Song Without Clearance"  Jun 16 2015
"What Does Hillary Clinton's Spotify Playlist Tell Us?" Jun 16 2015
"Donald Trump's Team Hit Back at Neil Young" Jun 17 2015
"Hillary Clinton's Campaign Playlist is on Spotify"  Jun 17 2015