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"Donald Trump Wins Presidential Race: Musicians and Celebs React" Nov 8 2016
"Rachel Platten on Hillary Clinton's Use of 'Fight Song': 'I Was a Little Scared at First'" Nov 8 2016
"Father John Misty Already Covered Comedian Tim Heidecker's Brand New Anti-Donald Song 'Trump's Pilot': Listen" Nov 7 2016
"Watch Green Day Dedicate 'American Idiot' to Donald Trump at MTV EMAS 2016" Nov 7 2016
"Beyonce's Pantsuit, Tim Kaine's Playlist, and Other Presidential Pop Music News" Nov 6 2016
"Donald Trump Attacks Hillary Clinton over Jay Z's 'Bad Language'" Nov 5 2016
"Beyonce, Jay Z, Katy & More: How Music Shaped the 2016 Election" Nov 5 2016
"Beyoncé's True Political Statement This Week? It Wasn't at a Clinton Rally" Nov 5 2016
"These Music Stars Are Singing the Praises of Clinton and Trump" Nov 4 2016
"Jay Z (and maybe Beyoncé) Spearhead Final Anti-Trump Musical Push" Nov 4 2016
"See Beyonce's Powerful Speech at Jay Z's Hillary Clinton Rally" Nov 4 2016
"Musicians Stump for the Vote as Election Draws Near" Nov 4 2016
"11 Times Musicians Got Mad at Politicians for Using Their Songs" Nov 4 2016
"Hillary Clinton Recited Jay Z's Lyrics at a Campaign Concert in Cleveland" Nov 4 2016
"Beyoncé, in a Pantsuit, Campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Ohio" Nov 4 2016
"HAIR Authors Strongly Opposed to Trump Campaign Using Their Song 'Aquarius'" Nov 4 2016
"Donald Trump's Unexpected Thoughts on Music - Revealed" Nov 3 2016
"5 Times Country Music Awards Mocked Donald Trump" Nov 3 2016
"Listen: The Long Winters Share First Song in Six Years as Part of an Anti-Donald Trump Campaign" Nov 3 2016
"Trump Tunes and Clinton Club Sounds" Nov 2 2016
"Can a Candidate's Music Choices Predict Who Wins the Election?" Nov 1 2016
"Roger Waters Compares Donald Trump's Rise to Adold Hitler" Nov 1 2016
"With a Week Until Election Day, Hillary Clinton Is Hosting a Very Eclectic Concert Series" Nov 1 2016
"Clinton Adds Pop of Celebrity in Homestretch of Campaign" Oct 30 2016
"Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Join Up in Miami for a Hillary Clinton Concert" Oct 30 2016