Title Publishing Date
"DJ Khaled Gives Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush the Keys to Success" Jan 14 2016
"DJ Khaled May Be a Major Key to Jeb Bush's Presidential Campaign" Jan 14 2016
"Terrifying: Watch Donald Trump Turn These Adorable Little Girls Into The Hitler Youth (VIDEO)" Jan 14 2016
"'Freedom Girls' Perform at Donald Trump Pensacola Rally" Jan 14 2016
"Did Trump Write This 'Official Donald Trump Jam' Himself?" Jan 14 2016
"Hold On, Is Donald Trump Actually a PC Music Project That's Gotten Way Out of Hand?" Jan 14 2016
"Brothers Osborne on 'Pawn Shop', Pot and 'Crazy Ass' Donald Trump Jan 14 2016
"Dancing Girls at Trump Event Turn Wartime Song into Campaign Ditty" Jan 14 2016
"Local Talents Unite to Fund the Bern at the Palace Theater" Jan 14 2016
"DJ Khaled Offers Some Major Keys to Jeb Bush" Jan 14 2016
"Hey Trump, You Know Who Else Held Rallies Where Kids Sang About Crushing Their Enemies?" Jan 14 2016
"Donald Trump's New EDM Patriotic Theme Song is Cringeworthy" Jan 15 2016
"These Schoolgirls' 'Donald Trump Jam' Will Make You Cringe for Humanity" Jan 15 2016
"Bernie Sanderfest: Punk Rally for 2016's Most Punk Presidential Candidate" Jan 15 2016
"Donald Trump: USA Freedom Kids Sing Patriotic Campaign Song at Florida Rally" Jan 15 2016
"Watch Donald Trump's Official 'Jam'" Jan 15 2016
"Donald Trump Has a Tween Girl Band and Their Show is a Haunting Lynchian Nightmare" Jan 15 2016
"The Dad/Manager Behind Trump's Creepy Girl Group Just Really Loves Freedom" Jan 15 2016
"Tales From the Trail: Has the Music Died for the Carson Campaign?" Jan 15 2016
"Donald Trump's Girl Group Do 'Cringe-Worthy' Performance; Campaign Bashed Even More!" Jan 16 2016
"Donald Trump Introduced by 'USA Freedom Kids' Dancing Girl Trio" Jan 17 2016
"Killer Mike Spins for 'Beastie Bernie' after Sanders and Clinton Debate" Jan 18 2016
"Killer Mike Compares Bernie Sanders' Values to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s" Jan 18 2016
"Rock the Vote: Campaign Rally Music Strikes a Note" (video) Jan 18 2016
"Music on the Campaign Trail" Jan 19 2016