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"A Brief History of Hillary and Trump in Rap Music" Sep 16 2016
"Hillary Clinton Laughs Off Pneumonia Health Scare with I Feel Good by James Brown (Who Died of Pneumonia)" Sep 16 2016
"Clinton Returns to the Campaign Trail with Rally in North Carolina: 'I Feel Good'" Sep 15 2016
"Joe Scarborough Sets His Feud with Donald Trump to Music" Sep 12 2016
"WATCH: Barbra Streisand’s Brilliant Reworking of ‘Send in The Clowns’ into Trump Parody —with Lyrics" Sep 10 2016
"'Great Schlep' Creators Write Anti-Trump Video" Sep 9 2016
"Irish Whiskey, Donald Trump and a Ninth Album - Speaks to Rick Burch from Jimmy Eat World" Sep 9 2016
"R.E.M. to Trump, Other Pols: 'Go F--k Yourselves' for Using Our Music" Sep 9 2016
"The Trump Files: Donald Trump Filmed a Music Video. It Didn't Go Well" Sep 8 2016
"Musical Tastes of Trump and Clinton Voters: Led Zeppelin or Linkin Park?" Sep 6 2016
"Woody Guthrie Whacks 'Old Man Trump' Again in Another Recently Discovered Song"​ Sep 6 2016
"Los Tigres del Norte Officially Endorse Hillary Clinton: Watch" Sep 6 2016
"Diddy Disappointed in Obama, Says Hillary Clinton Hasn't Earned the Black Vote" Sep 5 2016
"Beyoncé (Who Hasn't Endorsed a Candidate) Spent Her Birthday Chatting Up Bill Clinton" Sep 5 2016
"Other View: Give Trump a Break (On His Campaign Music, At Least)" Sep 4 2016
"Trump, the Musical: How These Jewish Activists Hope to Take Down The Donald" Sep 4 2016
"Donald Trump Dances during Church Service in Detroit" Sep 4 2016
"Bill Clinton Appears at Philadelphia Music Festival" Sep 4 2016
"Madonna Blasts Donald Trump's Son for Killing Wild Leopards" Sep 2 2016
"Justin Timberlake on Fatherhood, Hillary Clinton and Anton Yelchin" Sep 2 2016
"(Half a) Naked Trump Statue, its Sculptor, and Live Music at Lefty O'Doul's Tonight" Sep 2 2016
"No, Actually 'Fight Song' is Good" Sep 1 2016
"The Golden Rules of Musical Messaging for Tone Deaf Candidates" Aug 31 2016
"See Ice Cube's Hilarious Threat to Donald Trump" Aug 28 2016
"Carlos Santana Talks Music, Social Justice, Trump" Aug 27 2016