Title Publishing Date
"Bernie Sanders Courts Youth Vote with Local Bands at Pre-Debate Rally" Jan 19 2016
"Bernie Sanders Courts Youth Vote with Local Bands at Pre-debate Rally Jan 19 2016
"Twitter Found a Lot in Common Between Sarah Palin's Trump Endorsement and Iggy Azalea" Jan 20 2016
"Will.I.Am Declares Support for Hillary Clinton at Davos" Jan 20 2016
"Talib Kweli Dishes on Why He's More Than Just a Rapper" Jan 20 2016
"Bernie Sanders' Newest Ad is a Simon and Garfunkel Music Video" Jan 21 2016
"These Punk Rock Bernie Sanders T-Shirts are Pretty Rad" Jan 21 2016
"In New Iowa Ads, Clinton Touts Experience While Sanders Just Plays Simon & Garfunkel" Jan 21 2016
"Bernie Sanders, and Simon and Garfunkel, Put Focus on Voters" Jan 21 2016
"Donald Trump: Axl Rose is 'The Donald Trump of Rock and Roll'" Jan 21 2016
"Woody Guthrie Wrote Scathing Poems About Donald Trump's Dad" Jan 21 2016
"Bernie Sanders Uses Simon & Garfunkel's 'America' in New Ad" Jan 21 2016
"Bernie Sanders Releases 'Inspiring' New Ad Featuring Simon & Garfunkel" Jan 21 2016
"Bernie Sanders Invokes Simon & Garfunkel for New Campaign Ad" Jan 21 2016
"Bernie Sanders Taps Simon & Garfunkel's 'America' for Iowa Caucus Closing Ad" Jan 21 2016
"Donald Trump's Dad Was Woody Guthrie's Racist Landlord, Subject of Unrecorded Songs" Jan 22 2016
"Baytown Punks Draft Bernie Sanders a New Campaign Anthem" Jan 22 2016
"Presidential Campaign Music: A Brief History" Jan 22 2016
"Chingy Endorsed Donald Trump on Twitter, and All Hell Broke Loose" Jan 22 2016
"Woody Guthrie, 'Old Man Trump' and a Real Estate Empire's Racist Foundations" Jan 22 2016
"Song Lyrics Reveal Why Woody Guthrie Hated Donald Trump's Dad" Jan 22 2016
"Demi Lovato Speaks at Rally for Hillary Clinton's Presidential Bid" Jan 22 2016
"Chingy Explains Donald Trump Endorsement Tweet in New Interview" Jan 23 2016
"Why Donald Trump Plays Phantom of the Opera at His Rallies" Jan 23 2016
"Graham Nash Supports Sanders and Clinton, Says Donald Trump Plays on People's Fears" Jan 23 2016