Titlesort descending Publishing Date
"No Split Between Simon and Garfunkel Over Bernie Sanders’s Use of Their Song" Jan 23 2016
"Who is Holding the Signs in Iowa that Say Ted Cruz Likes Nickelback?" Jan 23 2016
"Why Donald Trump Plays Phantom of the Opera at His Rallies" Jan 23 2016
"Chingy Says He's Not Endorsing Donald Trump After All" Jan 24 2016
"Fascism Set to So-Called Music: 'The Official Donald Trump Jam' is No Laughing Matter" Jan 24 2016
"Ben Carson Says Rap Song Ad Was NOT Authorized by Him" Jan 25 2016
"Gospel Singers Call Out Donald Trump for Saying 'Two Corinthians'" Jan 25 2016
"Marco Rubio's Campaign Playlist is More Mercy Me Than Nicki Minaj" Jan 25 2016
"Natalie Maines 'Ashamed Ted Cruz Claims To Be American'" Jan 25 2016
"Wiz Khalifa Speaks On Donald Trump" Jan 25 2016
"Wiz Khalifa Talks Oscar Snub for 'See You Again' & Donald Trump's Candidacy" Jan 25 2016
"Bernie Sanders' 1987 Album We Shall Overcome is So Bad, Its Good" Jan 26 2016
"Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines flips Off Ted Cruz Before Kicking Off First Tour in 10 Years" Jan 26 2016
"EXCLUSIVE: Stalley Talks New Tour, Avoiding MMG’s Feuds & Donald Trump’s Comments About Muslims" Jan 26 2016
"Jimmy Fallon Revives the 1987 Bernie Sanders Album 'We Shall Overcome'" Jan 26 2016
"Mysterious Dude in Iowa is Following Ted Cruz Around and Accusing Him of Liking Nickelback" Jan 26 2016
"Rock and Polls: How Music Impacts Politics in the 2016 Presidential Race" Jan 26 2016
"The Duel" Jan 26 2016
"A Hippy Song for a Political Ad? Only Bernie Sanders Can Pull That Off" Jan 27 2016
"A Man is Trolling Ted Cruz with Accusations of Enjoying Nickelback's Music" Jan 27 2016
"Bernie Sanders' Folk Album: A Reason Musical Review" Jan 27 2016
"Killer Mike and Vampire Weekend to Perform at Bernie Sanders Rally in Iowa" Jan 27 2016
"Mike Huckabee's Adele 'Hello' Parody Campaign Video is Just Awful" Jan 27 2016
"Red Hot Chili Peppers Headlining Bernie Sanders Fundraising Concert" Jan 27 2016
"Red Hot Chili Peppers Will Perform at Bernie Sanders Benefit Concert" Jan 27 2016