Title Publishing Date
"Killer Mike and Vampire Weekend to Perform at Bernie Sanders Rally in Iowa" Jan 27 2016
"Vampire Weekend to Perform at Iowa Bernie Sanders Rally with Killer Mike, Foster the People" Jan 27 2016
"'Carmen Sandiego' Singer Issues Cease and Desist to Rand Paul" Jan 28 2016
"Legend Trolls US Republican Candidate Ted Cruz by Claiming He Likes Nickelback" Jan 28 2016
"Red Hot Chili Peppers to Headline Bernie Sanders Fundraiser in LA" Jan 28 2016
"The Red Hot Chili Peppers are Ready to Feel the Bern and Raise Money for Bernie Sanders" Jan 28 2016
"Rand Paul Receives Legal Threat Over Music in Ad Slamming Marco Rubio" Jan 28 2016
"‘Carmen Sandiego’ Singer-Songwriter Issues Cease and Desist Demand to Rand Paul Campaign" Jan 28 2016
"Ice Cube Talks David Bowie, the Police and Donald Trump in New Interview" Jan 28 2016
"Bernie Sanders' Iowa Rally Sounds like a Lollapalooza Lineup" Jan 28 2016
"'Carmen Sandiego' Songwriter Threatens to Sue Rand Paul" Jan 28 2016
"Why This Grieving Father Is Singing for Trump" Jan 28 2016
"The Politics of Hillary's Playlist" Jan 29 2016
"The Daily Show Mocks Bernie Sanders' Simon & Garfunkel Ad" Jan 29 2016
"Campaigns Keep Running Into Copyright Trouble Over Music" Jan 29 2016
"Republican Presidential Candidate Faces Legal Threat Over Campaign Ad" Jan 30 2016
"Behind the Music: Bernie Sanders" Jan 30 2016
"9 Reasons Art Garfunkel Allowed Sanders Campaign to Use 'America' for TV Ad" Jan 31 2016
"NICKELBACK Approve of 'Ted Cruz' Loves Nickelback' Meme" Jan 31 2016
"Local Musicians Get Political with 'Rock 4 Bernie'" Jan 31 2016
"John Kasich's New Hampshire Tour Adds a Troubador" Jan 31 2016
"Folk Music is Bernie Sanders's Secret Achille's Heel" Jan 31 2016
"At a Star-Studded Coachella-esque Rally, Bernie Sanders Vies for the College Vote" Jan 31 2016
"Watch Bernie Sanders Sing with Vampire Weekend at Iowa Rally" Jan 31 2016
"A Night With Bernie Sanders, the Politician Turned Internet Icon" Jan 31 2016