Title Publishing Date
"Blatantly Racist, Anti-American Song Played at Bernie Sanders Rally" Jan 31 2016
"WTH? Band Sings Racist, America-Hating Song at Bernie Sanders Iowa Rally" Jan 31 2016
"Adele Calls Out Trump for Using Her Music" Feb 1 2016
"Adele Says Candidates Using Her Music Don't Have Her Permission" Feb 1 2016
"Adele Tells Donald Trump to Stop Using Her Music" Feb 1 2016
"Adele Tells Donald Trump to Stop Pinching Her Songs for His Campaign" Feb 1 2016
"Kid Rock Endorses Donald Trump" Feb 1 2016
"Backing Bands: Which Musicians Endorse Which US Presidential Candidates?" Feb 1 2016
"Adele: Donald Trump 'Had No Permission" to Use Music" Feb 1 2016
"666 Pennsylvania Avenue: How Will Your Vote Affect the Future of Metal?" Feb 1 2016
"Adele Denies Donald Trump Permission to Use Her Music on Campaign Trail" Feb 1 2016
"Adele Would Like Republicans to Stop Using Her Music for Their Dumb Campaigns" Feb 1 2016
"Adele Tells Donald Trump Goodbye Over Using Her Music Without Permission" Feb 1 2016
"Adele Is Not Happy Donald Trump Is Using Her Music" Feb 1 2016
"Kid Rock: I'm Digging Donald Trump" Feb 1 2016
"Azealia Banks Says She'll Vote for Donald Trump If He Wins GOP Nomination" Feb 1 2016
"Adele: Donald Trump Doesn't Have Permisson To Use My Music" Feb 1 2016
"The Brilliance of How Bernie Sanders Has Used Music to His Advantage" Feb 2 2016
"Ted Cruz Relaxes by Singing Show Tunes. Actually. But Which Ones?" Feb 2 2016
"Bernie Sanders Celebrates Iowa Caucus Victory with David Bowie’s “Starman” — Watch" Feb 2 2016
"Aaron Tippin Responds to Ted Cruz's Use of His Music During Iowa Caucus" Feb 2 2016
"In Iowa, Hillary Clinton Chooses Rachel Platten's 'Fight Song'" Feb 2 2016
"Watch Bernie Sanders End His Campaign Speech with a David Bowie Song" Feb 2 2016
"Bernie Bros, Stop This Meme: Your Dumb Joke About Hillary's Music Taste Isn't Funny - It's Predictably Sexist" Feb 2 2016
"Bun B on Why Bernie Sanders is the Most Hip-Hop Presidential Candidate" Feb 2 2016