Title Publishing Date
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"Feeling the Bern in G Minor" Feb 9 2016
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"The Red Hot Chili Peppers Wants Voters to 'Give It Away' to Bernie Sanders" Feb 9 2016
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Meet the USA Freedom Kids (video) Feb 9 2016
"Research Website about Presidential Campaign Music Continues to Grow" Feb 10 2016
"Slipknot's Corey Taylor Answers Your Questions: 'Donald Trump Makes Me Want to Eat My Shoes'"  Feb 10 2016
"John Kasich Once Got Tossed from a Grateful Dead Stage" Feb 10 2016
"How Do You Do, Fellow Kids: John Kasich Gives a Shout-out to Twenty One Pilots on CNN" Feb 10 2016
HeadCount Talks Politics and Music with New Hampshire Voters Feb 10 2016
"Dave Ross: Why is Donald Trump Using a Beatles Song?" Feb 10 2016
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"Presidential Candidate John Kasich Recalls Being Tossed Offstage by the Grateful Dead" Feb 10 2016
"Rolling Stones Say Trump Never Asked to Use Their Songs" Feb 10 2016
"Zedd Says He'll 'Move Back to Germany' if Donald Trump is President" Feb 10 2016
"Denton Singer Hand-Picked to Perform at Bernie Sanders Rally" Feb 10 2016
"We Shall Overcome: An Oral History of the Bernie Sanders Folk Album" Feb 11 2016
"Harry Belafonte Endorses Bernie Sanders" Feb 11 2016