Title Publishing Date
"Harry Belafonte Endorses Bernie Sanders for President" Feb 11 2016
"Donald Trump and Univision Reach Settlement Surrounding Miss USA Pageant" Feb 11 2016
"Appleton Native: 'Hold Me Closer, Bernie Sanders'" Feb 11 2016
"Rolling Stones and Elton John Say Trump Campaign Is Using Their Songs Without Permission" Feb 11 2016
"The Rolling Stones Confirm Donald Trump is Using their Music without Permission" Feb 11 2016
"Martin O'Malley and His Band to Play Creative Alliance Next Month" Feb 11 2016
"Donald Trump and Elton John's Doomed Bromance" Feb 11 2016
"Artists From Red Hot Chili Peppers to Killer Mike Stumping for Bernie Sanders, Music's Donor Class Backing Hillary Clinton" Feb 12 2016
"Family Values? Marco Rubio Hates Hip-Hop, Except When He Loves It" Feb 12 2016
"Katy Perry, Elton John & Andra Day Will Support Hillary Clinton at NYC 'I'm With Her' Concert" Feb 12 2016
"Ted Cruz Spoofs Office Space In New Clinton Attack Ad" Feb 12 2016
"Clinton Takes Baseball Bat To Server In New Cruz ‘Office Space’ Ad (VIDEO)" Feb 12 2016
"Geto Boys Not Happy with Use of Their Song in 'Super Lame' Cruz Ad" Feb 12 2016
"David Byrne Figured Out Why Your Facebook Friends Love Donald Trump" Feb 12 2016
"Clinton to Headline New York Fundraiser with Elton John, Katy Perry" Feb 12 2016
"The House D.J. of the Bernie Sanders Campaign" Feb 13 2016
"Talking Heads' David Byrne Criticized Donald Trump in Website's Latest Newsletter" Feb 13 2016
"Tonight in Live Music: Must Be the Holy Ghost, Dark Star Orchestra, Bernie Fest, Paul Thorn + more." Feb 13 2016
"‘Bernstorm’ Hits East Tennessee Coffeehouse" Feb 13 2016
"Donald Trump Recycles the Hits in Arena Gig to the Tampa Thousands" Feb 13 2016
"Hillary Clinton's Tweet About 'Hamilton's Grammys Performance Shows She's a Super Fan" Feb 14 2016
"Now That’s What I Call the Best US Presidential Music Album – Ever" Feb 14 2016
"Donald Trump Illegally Uses Rolling Stone Music?" Feb 15 2016
"Donald Trump’s Campaign Soundtrack: A Grammy Day Playlist" Feb 15 2016
"Opening Shot In Rubio’s “Morning Again In America” Ad Appears To Be Canada" Feb 15 2016