Title Publishing Date
"Neil Young Tells Trump To Quit 'Rockin' In The Free World'" (Steve Inskeep, host) Jun 17 2015
"Donald Trump's Team Hit Back at Neil Young" Jun 17 2015
"The Long History Of Musicians Telling Republicans To Stop Playing Their Music" Jun 17 2015
“Donald Trump Campaign Fires Back: We Paid to Use Neil Young’s Song” Jun 17 2015
"Donald Trump Calls Neil Young a 'Hypocrite' after Music Controversy" Jun 24 2015
"'Well-Strung' Gay Hillary Fans Sing 'Chelsea's Mom' Parody" Jun 25 2015
"Watch a band sing about Hillary Clinton: 'Chelsea's Mom Has Got It Going On'"  Jun 25 2015
"Buckwheat Zydeco to Gov. Bobby Jindal: Don't Use My Music" Jun 25 2015
"The Tradition of Ridiculous Campaign Anthems Is Just Getting Rolling ; Neil Young Strikes Back as Tradition of Ridiculous Campaign Anthems Gets Rolling"    Jun 25 2015
"Buckwheat Zydeco Says Jindal Using His Music at Campaign Event 'Not Cool'"  Jun 25 2015
"Chelsea's Mom Has Got It Going On! Band Sings the Praises of Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton to the Tune of Fountains of Wayne Hit Stacy's Mom"  Jun 26 2015
"WATCH: Band Launches Parody of ‘Stacy’s Mom,’ as ‘Love Letter’ for Hillary"  Jun 26 2015
"Pro-Hillary Quartet Sings 'Chelsea's Mom' Parody" Jun 26 2015
"Hillary Clinton Loves the 'Chelsea's Mom' Song That's Going Viral — But Some Are Calling It Sexist"  Jun 26 2015
"Ted Cruz Sings “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” To No Reaction In Iowa" Jun 26 2015
"Politics and Music - Unhappy Bedfellows"  Jun 27 2015
"Killer Mike Endorses Bernie Sanders for President" Jun 29 2015
"Listen Up! Here Are the Campaign Launch Songs You Need to Hear" Jun 30 2015
"Trump's Campaign Theme Song Headache? Blame Michael Jackson, Sort Of"  Jul 5 2015
"Chelsea's Mom Has Got It Going On in Hilarious Hillary Clinton Parody Video" Jul 8 2015
"Donald Trump is a Rapper"  Jul 15 2015
"Candidates Carry a Tune on Campaign Trail" Jul 15 2015
"Campaign Songs May Reflect Your Politics" Jul 15 2015
"3 Early Takeaways about Businesses' Role in the 2016 Presidential Campaign"  Jul 17 2015
"Why Rapper Killer Mike's Endorsement of Bernie Sanders Spells Trouble for Hillary Clinton" Jul 17 2015