Title Publishing Date
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"U2's Special Guests in NYC: Springsteen on Stage, Clintons in the Crowd"  Aug 1 2015
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"Ranked: The Entrance Music of the GOP Candidates, From Worst to Best" Aug 11 2015
"We Asked Hip-hop Experts What They Thought of This Rap Tribute to Ted Cruz" Aug 12 2015
"All of the Bands that Have Told GOP Candidates to Stop Using Their Music (So Far)" Aug 13 2015
"The Time Eazy-E Trolled a Bunch of Republicans by Eating Lunch with Them" Aug 14 2015
"Rapper, Point Breeze Native Has Perfect Campaign Theme for Trump" Aug 17 2015
"Bernie Sanders Recorded a Folk Album. No Punchline Required" Aug 17 2015
"The Role Of Music in Presidential Campaigns" Sep 3 2015
"From 1786 to 2016: The Evolution of The Presidential Campaign Song" Sep 3 2015
"‘Women’s Alternative Chorus’ Sings Gospel Tune at Hillary Clinton Campaign Event — and Changes One Very Important Lyric" Sep 5 2015
"Risin' Up: Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee Anger 'Eye of the Tiger' Writer" Sep 8 2015
"Choir Replaces Jesus with Hillary in Gospel Song" Sep 8 2015
"'Downright Sacrilegious': Choir Replaces 'Jesus' with 'Hillary' in New Campaign Song" Sep 9 2015
"Can Musicians Really Stop Politicians from Using Their Songs?" Sep 9 2015
"R.E.M Singer Michael Stipe Tells Donald Trump to go 'F**k Himself' for Using Band's Song in 'Moronic Charade of a Campaign'" Sep 10 2015