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"How Politicians Use Music As Part of Their Campaign Strategy" Sep 10 2015
"Musical Politics: How Election Campaigns Choose Their Songs" Sep 13 2015
"Marc Anthony Blasts Trump at Las Vegas Concert, Calls for Unity Among Latinos" Sep 16 2015
"We Picked the Perfect Hip-Hop Campaign Song for Every 2016 Presidential Candidate" Sep 18 2015
"R.E.M. Slams Donald Trump's Use of Their Song in the Most Perfect Way(s)" Sep 20 2015
Watch John Kasich Show Off His Dance Moves to Walk the Moon's 'Shut Up and Dance' (video)" Sep 21 2015
"Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders: Who is Your Favorite Musician Backing?"  Sep 22 2015
"Dropkick Murphys Voice Support for Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley" Sep 22 2015
"Girl Power Playlist" Sep 24 2015
"Look What They've Done to My Song: When Politicians Co-Opt Music"  Sep 25 2015
"Hillary Clinton’s Girl-Power Playlist Needs Some Rihanna" Sep 28 2015
"Hillary Clinton Made a 'Girl Power' Playlist. We Made a Few Additions" Sep 29 2015
"Hillary Clinton's Campaign Paid $9,000 for Music Consultants" Oct 4 2015
"Top Campaign Songs of Summer 2015"  Oct 5 2015
"People Are Writing Tribute Songs for Donald Trump" Oct 9 2015
"Aerosmith Warns Donald Trump Over 'Dream On' Use"  Oct 11 2015
"In Choreographed Campaigns, Candidates Stumble Over Choice of Music"  Oct 12 2015
"Steven Tyler’s Lawyers Tell Trump To Dream On" Oct 12 2015
"'You're embarrassing the nation!' Sassy 13-year-old Girl Pens and Performs Ballad Slamming Presidential Candidate Donald Trump As a 'Bully' and a 'Chump'" Oct 13 2015
"Trump Says “No More No More” To Using Aerosmith’s 'Dream On'” Oct 14 2015
"Local and National Musicians to Perform for Bernie Sanders in Davenport, Iowa on Friday, October 23, 2015" Oct 14 2015
"Donald Trump Says He'll Stop Using Aerosmith Song, Has a 'Better One to Take Its Place" Oct 14 2015
"Top 10 Campaign Songs Donald Trump Should Use, from ‘All I Do Is Win’ to ‘Whip My Hair’ Oct 14 2015
"Martin O'Malley Sings Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" on The View—Watch Now" Oct 20 2015
"Diss-chord: Jeb Bush Uses Joshua Davis Song on Campaign Trail" Oct 22 2015