Title Publishing Date
"Harry Belafonte Talks Donald Trump at Many Rivers to Cross Festival: 'America Has a Cancer at Work'" Oct 3 2016
"Tupac's Comment About Donald Trump in 1992 Are Sadley Relevant Today" Oct 3 2016
"Diddy Might Vote for His Friend Donald Trump" Oct 3 2016
"Haley Bonar, Jeremy Messersmith, Brian Tighe to Perform Free Bernie Rally for Hillary Clinton" Oct 4 2016
"The White Stripes to Donald Trump: Don't Use Our Music for Your Presidential Campaign" Oct 4 2016
"The 'Rise and Fall of Ronald P. Glumpf' - First Satiric Opera/Music Theater Work on the 2016 Presidential Election Debuts on the Internet" Oct 4 2016
"White Stripes 'Disgusted' by the Use of their 'Seven Nation Army' Song in Donald Trump Video" Oct 4 2016
"These Music Industry Players are Taking Politics Into Their Own Hands" Oct 4 2016
"Trump Family Sings 'We're Not Gonna Take It' with Dee Snider in Resurfaced Video" Oct 4 2016
"Did the Alt-Right Troll the White Stripes Into Getting Mad at Donald Trump" Oct 4 2016
"VP Candidate Mike Pence's Conversation Story Happened at a Christian Music Festival in Kentucky" Oct 5 2016
"Willie D Unleashes On Michael Jordan, Steve Harvey, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz With 'Coon II'" Oct 5 2016
"Green Day's Armstong: What Makes Hillary Clinton the Only Right Choice" Oct 5 2016
"Watch U2 Blast Donald Trump During San Fransisco Show" Oct 6 2016
 "Bruce Springsteen Finds Chris Christie Amusing" Oct 6 2016
"Campaign That Tune: How Campaign Theme Songs Speak to Opposing Camps" Oct 6 2016
"Prince Royce Gives Presidential Endorsement in Facebook Live Q&A: 'I Gotta Vote for Hillary'" Oct 7 2016
"A Better Soundtrack to the Second Presidential Debate" Oct 7 2016
"Young Jeezy Compared Donald Trump to Tupac" Oct 7 2016
"Chance the Rapper Feels a Connection with Hillary Clinton" Oct 7 2016
"Kanye West Producer Mike Dean Samples Donald Trump's Latest Comments in New Track" Oct 8 2016
"Bruce Springsteen Slams Donald Trump at New York Festival: 'He Will Not Win'" Oct 8 2016
"Carly Simon Wonderfully Repurposes ‘You’re So Vain’ As Anti-Trump Anthem" Oct 9 2016
"Neil Young Slams Trump with a Pink Floyd Joke at Desert Trip" Oct 9 2016
"We Selected the Classical Works That the US Presidential Candidates Should Be Listening to" Oct 10 2016