Title Publishing Date
"Committed Bernie Sanders Supporter, Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste, Now Firmly Supports Hillary Clinton" Oct 10 2016
"Rappers Had the Best Reaction to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's Second Debate" Oct 10 2016
"Trump v. Clinton: The Best #DebateKaraoke Memes You Have to See" Oct 10 2016
"Vic Mensa Explains Why He Is 'Undoubtedly' Voting for Hillary Clinton" Oct 10 2016
"Pink Floyd Frontman Makes Donald Trump a HUGE Part of His Performance at Sunday’s Music Festival" Oct 10 2016
"'Donald Trump Is a Pig': Roger Waters Blasts Republican Presidential Nominee at Desert Trip Music Festival" Oct 10 2016
"Pop Musicians Rally Against Donald Trump" Oct 10 2016
"SF Author Eggers Enlists Musical Friends for Anti-Trump Playlist" Oct 10 2016
"Music World Reacts to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's Second Debate" Oct 10 2016
"Second Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Debate Draws Reaction from Katy Perry, Bette Midler, & More" Oct 10 2016
"30 Anti-Donald Trump Songs to be Released in Next 30 Days from Death Cab for Cutie, REM, Clipping and More" Oct 11 2016
"Beyonce's BeyHive Swarms Trump Supporter Who Slammed Hillary Clinton for Listening to Her Music" Oct 11 2016
"Dave Eggers Unveils Awesome Collaboration with Major Music Bands to Fight Trump: '30 Days, 30 Songs'" Oct 11 2016
"Former Blink 182 Guitarist Tom DeLonge Emailed Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager About Aliens" Oct 11 2016
"New Defense of Trump's Lewdness: But Rap Music!" Oct 11 2016
"Trump Spokeswoman Blames Rape Culture on 'Hip-Hop Music'" Oct 11 2016
"Author Dave Eggers Organizes Musicians for a Trump Free America" Oct 11 2016
"Donald Trump Faces the Music as Cher, Adele, Aerosmith Denounce Republican Candidate" Oct 11 2016
"Unreleased Live R.E.M. Song to be a Part of Anti-Trump Voter Initiative" Oct 11 2016
"Blink-182 Singer Contacted Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chief to Talk UFO's" Oct 11 2016
"Ex-New York Politician Betsy McCaughey Calls Hillary Clinton Hypocrite for Loving Beyoncé Lyrics While Knocking Trump" Oct 11 2016
"Ty Dolla $ign Joins Presidential Race with 'Campaign'" Oct 11 2016
"Backstreet Boys Respond to Donald Trump's Use of 'I Want It That Way'" Oct 12 2016
"Death Cab for Cutie, REM, Other Rockers Protest Trump with ’30 Days, 30 Songs’ Campaign" Oct 12 2016
"Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton's Best Debates 'Duets,' 'Dirty Dancing' & Beyond" Oct 12 2016