Title Publishing Date
"Miley Cyrus Says She 'Accepts' Donald Trump in Emotional Video after Hillary Clinton's Presidential Loss" Nov 9 2016
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"Playlist: Music to Help Celebrate Trump's Big Win" Nov 9 2016
"Azealia Banks is 'Proud as F*ck after Donald Trump Election" Nov 10 2016
"Selena Quintanilla's 'Dreaming of You' Will Help You with Any Bernie Sanders Regrets" Nov 10 2016
"Lady Gaga Joins Protesters Outside of Trump Tower Following Hillary Clinton's Election Loss" Nov 10 2016
"Trump Inauguration Music: Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger Makes Joke about Performing at Donald Trump's Inauguration" Nov 10 2016
"Donald Trump's Thorny Relationship with Popular Music" Nov 10 2016
"John Legend's New Music Video Is a Stand Against Donald Trump's Election Victory" Nov 11 2016
"Rapper Rick Ross Music Video: ‘Assassinate Trump Like I’m Zimmerman’" Nov 11 2016
"How President Trump Could Be a Boon for the Music Industry" Nov 11 2016
"Andrew Lloyd Webber Insists Donald Trump Doesn't Come to Broadway Show" Nov 11 2016
"Judy Collins on Leonard Cohen, Hillary Clinton, and More" Nov 11 2016
"Katy Perry Cancels Chinese Concert after Hillary Clinton Loses US Election" Nov 11 2016
"Lady and the Trump" Nov 11 2016
"Andrew Lloyd Webber 'Worried Trump Would Upstage Children at Show's Opening Night'" Nov 11 2016
"Frank Turner Calls for 'Dialogue and Understanding' in Wake of Trump and Brexit" Nov 11 2016
"Billie Joe Armstrong: 'Donald Trump May Be an Illuminati Puppet'" Nov 11 2016
"Listen to Yoko Ono's Brilliant Response to Donald Trump's Election Win" Nov 11 2016
"How Music and Listeners Might Shift after Donald Trump's Victory" Nov 11 2016
"If We Voted with Our Music Tastes, Hillary Clinton Would Have Won the Election" Nov 12 2016
"T.I.: 'I Joined Trump Tower Protest for My Kids'" Nov 12 2016
"A Tribe Called Quest's New Album is Tear-Jerking, Essential Protest Music" Nov 12 2016