Title Publishing Date
"Hillary Clinton Quotes Hamilton in Jab at Republican Rivals" Nov 11 2015
" What's on Your Spotify? The Presidential Candidates Edition"  Nov 16 2015
"Music to Their Ears: Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Bernie Sanders, and the Rock Stars Who Want Them to Be President" Nov 17 2015
"Bernie Sanders Is Really Into 'Disco Music', ABBA, and Celine Dion" Nov 18 2015
"These Guys Wrote a Song for Hillary Clinton … And It's Actually Awesome." Nov 18 2015
"That Time Donald Trump Went to THE Adele Concert" Nov 18 2015
"Donald Trump Was a Surprise Attendee at Adele's Concert Last Night" Nov 18 2015
"US Presidential Candidate Caught in 'Eye of the Tiger'" Nov 20 2015
"How Christine Aguilera Ended Up Hosting a Hillary Clinton Fundraiser" Nov 20 2015
"Mike Huckabee Slams 'Vindictive' Lawsuit Filed by 'Eye of the Tiger' Co-writer" Nov 22 2015
"Bernie Sanders Ate Soul Food with Rapper Killer Mike" Nov 23 2015
"Hillary Clinton Sexes Up Ariana Grande's Focus Video Thanks to Ellen Degeneres! Must Watch!" Nov 23 2015
"Kasich Super PAC Rolls Out First Direct Trump Attack Ad" Nov 23 2015
"'Vote for Trump If You Think Mexico's a Dump,' Says New Song" Nov 23 2015
"Watch Killer Mike Speak at a Bernie Sanders Rally in Atlanta" Nov 24 2015
"Killer Mike Delivers Powerful Endorsement Of Bernie Sanders" Nov 24 2015
"Donald Trump is Playing Adele at Rallies" Nov 26 2015
"Music in the Key of America" Nov 26 2015
"Donald Trump Played Adele at His Rally in Ohio" Nov 26 2015
"More to Selecting Political Background Music Than Indiscriminate Meandering" Nov 28 2015
"Twisted Sister Say Donald Trump Can Use 'We're Not Gonna Take It' to 'Fight the System'" Nov 28 2015
"Twisted Sister Allow Donald Trump to Use 'We're Not Gonna Take It'" Nov 28 2015
"10 Times Martin O'Malley Broke Into Song" Nov 30 2015
"Edward Sharpe & Friends 'Feel the Bern'" Nov 30 2015
"The Other Carson With Gifted Hands" Nov 30 2015