Title Publishing Date
 "Music to the Candidates’ Ears" Dec 1 2015
"Young Girls Dress As Hillary Clinton, Amy Schumer, Beyonce and More in Brilliant Parody Music Video" Dec 1 2015
"Marine Rebuked for Performing at Donald Trump Rally in Uniform" Dec 1 2015
"Ricky Martin Endorses Hillary Clinton for President" Dec 2 2015
"College Students Peer Pressure Martin O'Malley Into Performing an Extremely Fire Rap" Dec 2 2015
"Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Pens Billboard Essay for Women in Music Issue, Pays Tribute to Lady Gaga and Honorees" Dec 3 2015
"Hillary Clinton Honors Lady Gaga, Loretta Lynn in Billboard Essay" Dec 3 2015
"Loretta Lynn Predicts Donald Trump Will Be President" Dec 4 2015
"Hillary Clinton Proves She Is Aware of Pop Music in Weird Billboard Essay" Dec 4 2015
"Macy Gray Disses Trump in New Christmas Song" Dec 5 2015
"Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne Talks Donald Trump, Kanye West's VMA Speech and Killing Baby Hitler" Dec 6 2015
"Hillary Clinton Won a Grammy - and 3 Other Things You Never Knew About Her" Dec 7 2015
"A Mixtape for Chris Christie" Dec 8 2015
"Musicians, Artists, Designers Showing Support of Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders" Dec 8 2015
"To My Old Friend Donald Trump, Stop the Bullsh*t" Dec 8 2015
"Twisted Sister Singer Changes Tune on Trump Using Song" Dec 10 2015
"Dee Snider May Pull Song from Donald Trump" Dec 10 2015
"How Donald Trump Became the Most Contentious Figure in Latin Music in 2015" Dec 10 2015
"Bun B Endorses Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders" Dec 10 2015
"Local Musicians, Back Door Unite for Sanders Fundraiser" Dec 10 2015
"Dee Snider to Trump: I May Not Take It Anymore" Dec 10 2015
"Marco Rubio Courts College Voters in South Carolina, Gets Cease-and-Desist Letters" Dec 12 2015
"Axwell Sends Marco Rubio Cease & Desist Letter to Stop Playing Music" Dec 14 2015
"Mocking Republicans to Music, #GOPSongs Goes Viral on Twitter" Dec 15 2015
"Axwell Doesn't Want GOP Candidate Marco Rubio Using His Music" Dec 15 2015