Title Publishing Date
"Pitbull, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio Friendships Don't Equal Campaign Endorsements" Dec 15 2015
"Will Rick Ross Be Investigated by Federal Law Enforcement?" Dec 15 2015
"From Conservative Hip-Hop to White Power Rock, Rightwing Politics Inspires Woeful Music" Dec 16 2015
"Hillary Clinton: 'I Want to be as Good a President as Beyoncé is a Performer" Dec 16 2015
"Politics and Pop: New Research on Music, Politics, Young Voters" Dec 17 2015
"Let's All Get in the Holiday Spirit with Candy Carson's Christmas Music" Dec 18 2015
"Walmart Pulls Rick Ross' New Album" Dec 19 2015
"Did Walmart Pull Rick Ross's Album Over Donald Trump Lyrics?" Dec 19 2015
"Christie Cruises into NH with Family, Kicking off Bus Tour" Dec 19 2015
"Kenny Rogers on Donald Trump: 'I Love What He Says, I Have to Admit'" Dec 21 2015
"Henry Rollins Calls Donald Trump a 'Bored Rich Guy'" Dec 23 2015
"Ben Carson Talks About His Love for Classical Music" Dec 23 2015
"Slipknot's Corey Taylor: 'Republicans Need to F---ing Disavow' Donald Trump" Dec 26 2015
"Watch Out Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush Knows Rap Too (And He’s Gonna Steal Pitbull)" Dec 26 2015
"Candidates Hope to Capture Some of Clinton Musical Magic from 1992" Dec 28 2015
"Parody Song Ruthlessly Mocks Trump's 'Fascist' Ideas - but Trump Fans Love It, Anyway" Dec 29 2015
"O'Malley Talks Taylor Swift in Beaverdale" Dec 30 2015
"Alice Cooper Blasts Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton" Dec 31 2015
"Eddie Vedder & Bill Maher Mock Donald Trump" Jan 2 2016
"Frankie Cosmos, MAS YSA, Wet, and More to Play Bernie Sanders' Fundraising Concert" Jan 4 2016
"Bernie Sanders Dance Party and Fundraiser Planned in Colrain" Jan 5 2016
"Brooklyn is Berning: Bernie Sanders Scores Support from the Indie Music Community" Jan 6 2016
"Killer Mike Talks Race, Bernie Sanders with Stephen Colbert" Jan 6 2016
"Killer Mike Talks Racial Inequality, Bernie Sanders on 'Late Show'"   Jan 6 2016
"Killer Mike’s killer Endorsement of Bernie Sanders [Video]" Jan 6 2016