Trail Trax

The Trax on the Trail team searches the Internet for campaign music in its many iterations and catalogues it in the Trail Trax database. Our database allows you to research the music strategy of a particular candidate, create a snapshot of the soundscape on a given day, examine the evolution of the soundscape over the course of the election, or even create a catalogue of sounds heard in a particular city. Confused as to how Trax terminology works? Click on the "Database Key" to the right, or feel free to email us at You can also check out the Trail Trax poster we created for the 2016 American Musicological Society Conference.

Titlesort descending Candidate Type of Music
Are You Gonna Go My Way Hillary Clinton preexisting
Eight Days a Week Donald Trump preexisting
La Bomba Hillary Clinton preexisting
Runaway (U&I) Bernie Sanders preexisting
underscore Donald Trump underscore
"BERNIE & HILLARY" -- A Bad Lip Reading Bernie Sanders newly composed
"Carly Fiorina" Satire Song (set to the tune of the Human League's "Don't You Want me Baby") Carly Fiorina parody
"Do You Wanna Build A Wall? (set to the tune of Kristen Anderson-Lopez Robert Lopez's ""Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?"" from the film Frozen)" Donald Trump parody
"Feel the Bern (set to the tune of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez's ""Let It Go"") " Bernie Sanders parody
"First Republican Debate Highlights: 2015" - A Bad Lip Reading of The Republican Debate Donald Trump dub
"Gives You Hell (set to the tune of The All-American Rejects' ""Gives You Hell"")" Bernie Sanders parody
"Hey Jude" Political Parody (set to the tune of the Beatles "Hey Jude") Jeb Bush parody
"Let's Get Lincoln to 1%" (set to the tune of Fine Young Cannibals' "She Drives Me Crazy") Lincoln Chafee parody
"My Name's Snick, and I'm Lazy" (set to the tune of "Rock Around the Clock") Carly Fiorina parody
"Ted Cruz, Loser" (set to the tune of Lin-Manuel Miranda's "Aaron Burr, Sir" from the musical "Hamilton") Donald Trump parody
"Trump-Pence, Trump-Pence (set to the tune of Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman's ""Feed the Birds"" from the musical ""Mary Poppins"")" Donald Trump parody
"When You Know Ted Cruz's Speeches by Heart" Ted Cruz underscore
#BernOnParade: A Bernie Sanders Inspired Music Playlist (YouTube playlist) Bernie Sanders
#feelthebern Bernie Sanders newly composed
#HAM4VOTE (set to the tune of Lin-Manuel Miranda's "The Schuyler Sisters" from "Hamilton") Hillary Clinton parody